About The Brand

An unapologetic take on contemporary and chic clothing. Meticulously bound together in dreamy fabrics. The brand Shivani Nirupam is synonymous with fresh and fun prints that sing the culture and breath-taking anecdotes of Mumbai. Mumbai/Bombay- a home, an escape or a dream. Contrasting opinions and emotions weave a magnanimous perception of this fast paced city. The swiftness and unpredictability of Mumbai is what inspires the brand’s design philosophy. With empowering and radiant hues serving exuberance. The brand believes in timeless capsule collections that showcase a lush bouquet of quirky prints translated on bold silhouettes.

About the Founder
Shivani Nirupam, Creative Director and Founder of this namesake clothing brand- believes in extravagant fashion, that pays homage to the Indian heritage in a modern way. ‚ÄúInspiration is merely a mood that gets you going.‚ÄĚ Says Shivani. The founder- also a believer of conscious extravaganza, aims to follow slow fashion as a method in all her collections.